Just Go With It (2011) – USA

[NeoFilmShop.com] Just Go With It (2011) – USA

Adam Sandler is really a mixed bag of an actor and his movies are mostly interchangeable as it is essentially always about an adult yet to grow up. Teaming up with Jennifer Aniston, the duo show some good chemistry, but hampered by a half baked script that is intended to go nowhere from the start. Brooklyn Decker is suitably sexy, but is obviously a mismatch to Sandler’s character and in fact there is really no connection what so ever. Still, there are some fun moments in between all of these, namely the awkward situations where Sandler creates a fake family to go with the many lies in order to woo Decker.
The problem with Just Go With It, is that it never truly takes off and by the time Nicole Kidman appears on screen as Aniston’s former high school rivals, it all seems a bit too odd for enjoyment. I am not going to the extend as to say that this film is like trash, but it’s really like junk food, you know it’s going to be bad, but you still ended up watching the entire duration. Now I am the one to be blamed. Tennis fans beware, Andy Roddick appears in the end.
I rated it 2/5

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