The Score (2001) – USA

[] The Score (2001) – USA

There are many heist genre thriller that ends up unrealistic and far too technical for us to follow. However, The Score stays extremely grounded and keep everything simple, even when computer hacking and codes are involved. It’s helps that we get great actors in the key roles, Robert De Niro as the master and veteran safe breaker going about his final payday teams up with the smart, but aggressive Edward Norton who is absolutely brilliant when required to pretend to be handicapped. Marion Brando in his final film role as the crime boss simply adds an extra layer to the film.

The premises is not fresh or anything ground breaking, the duo simply needs to find a way to break into the underground storage safe of the local French museum. Seeing DeNiro or his stunt double climbs and crawl his way through the tunnel and the metal fence before eventually hosing water into the metal safe are all fun to watch. Add in the quirky and unexpected nature of Norton’s role, it’s simply an exhilarating ride to endure. All in all, The Score simply works as director Frank Oz is never pretentious or goes over the top, it is a simple film about an heist operation and how they managed to steal their prize and the escape plan along the way. Sometimes, that is all a genre film needs to be, simple, but fun.

I rated it 3.75/5

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