Love Contractually 合约男女 (2017) – Hong Kong

[] Love Contractually 合约男女 (2017) – Hong Kong

Sometimes, we don’t need an original story or an unpredictable ending, what we need is a pair of big stars who have an adequate level of winning romantic chemistry to drive an entire film forward. In the 90s and 2000s, Sammi Cheng and Andy Lau pairing is almost assumed success and in this film, Cheng pairs up with Taiwanese heartthrob Joseph Chang. The duo matches particularly well despite the decade of age difference and the chemistry is clearly there adding to the most crucial part of any romantic comedies.
First time director Liu Guonan whose previous credits include assisting the great Zhang Yimou is a number of films, smartly focuses all his attention between the interactions of the two attractive leads. The story is given a side track and the coherent is almost forgotten. However, emotionally it works as the audience ends up rooting for the duo to be together. Maybe this is what you call movie magic as there are so many believable moments throughout and yet the film still ends up somehow working. Casting actors for roles are important, but having natural chemistry is rare and it is precisely this little aspect making Love Contractually afloat.

I rated it 3/5

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