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[] To The Bone (2017) – USA








Released earlier in the year during the Sundance Film Festival, To The Bone, is another successful distribution attempt of Netflix after OKJA. The film highlights a sensitive topic of anorexia and how it affects those around them and coming to terms of the condition. Starring the lovely Lily Collins who is almost unrecognisably skinny battles self inflicted inner demons and it is her natural and subtle acting ability that ends up carrying the film through its up and down journey in highlighting a brief period in time of someone fighting anorexia. Keanu Reeves adds little to the role of unconventional doctor, as he is given relatively limited screen-time to be truly effective. Instead, we get to see interactions between different anorexia suffers and how they go about their treatment.
The little romantic subplot sort of works between Collins and the motor mouth talker Alex Sharp. The scene in the Chinese restaurant provides the film with one of its sparkle moments. The family subplot shows how messy and complicated her family structure is, with three “mothers” at her therapy session shouting at each other. Collins’s sister played by Liana Liberato manages to make most of her limited scenes with her outburst at the therapy remaining one of the film higher emotional point.
All in all, To The Bone is not one of those film that tries to sensationalise a disease and make it into some melodrama. It believes in keeping things simple and letting it plays out in front of you. After all, they are still ordinary human beings going about their lives with an anorexia condition. This way, the film works as it looks and feel real and with a brilliant Lily Collins excelling in the lead role.

I rated it 4/5

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