Wonder Mama 媽咪俠 (2015) – Hong Kong

Wonder Mama 媽咪俠 (2015) – Hong Kong

Reviewed by: Andrew Chan

Director: Clifton Ko Chi-sum
Starring: Petrina Fung Bo-bo, Babyjohn Choi Hon-yick, Kenneth Tsang Kong

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“Wonder Mama” is an over the top family drama about the process of letting go, a new lease in life and the adaptation of change. Fung Bo Bo headlines the film as the mother and daughter caught in the middle of a violent and incapable relationship of her father (played ably by the always brilliant Kenneth Tsang) and the inferno of emotions displayed by Susan Shaw. Director Clifton Ko have made many great comedies focusing on family moral values in the 90s and here his focus on the subject matter is rather noble than sale-able. However, the film goes over the top on many occasions and while it provides laughter in a sense, it loses the emotionally appeal when reality is being suspended.

Fung Bo Bo provides the most restrain of the acting and carries the film with ease and presence. Her struggles, difficulty and the ability to grow through the circumstances is evident for the audience to witness. Babyjohn tries to put in some comic sidekick as her son, while Susan Shaw in a scene where they threw it all out in screaming “I am jealous of him having a better life than me” is frightening genuine. Kenneth Tsang anchor his role as the ageing with a new love is surprisingly believable.

All in all, “Wonder Mama” may not be a great film, but it provides enough moments of how we need to deal with difficulties in life and the decision we make will affect those around us. Ultimately, the best part of the film is the essence of needing to know when to let go. This is a well meaning, if over the top family drama that remains very local Hong Kong. (Neo, 2015)

Recommended film and endorsed by HK Neo Reviews.

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