Mission Milano 偷天特務  (2016) – China / Hong Kong

[NeoFilmShop.com] Mission Milano (2016) – China / Hong Kong

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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Wong Jing teams up with Andy Lau and Huang Xiao Ming once again after the highly commercially successful Last Vegas in Macau series bf in the process made another stupid and non essential viewing. Andy Lau have certainly aged, but there is no denying that his output in China have been the equivalent to career suicide and legacy damage control. Huang Xiao Ming continues to be involved in roles that either only allows him to look cool, smile and grin. While Michelle Hu impresses as the hot femme fatal and Wong Chi Lam tries hard, but is ultimately lost in translation. The laughs are largely Wong Jing quality of crap and bad jokes that are pretty much unfunny. The ending is probably the best thing with the reuniting of Sammo Cheng and Andy Lau, everything else before that should be erased or forgotten.


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