Operation Mekong 湄公河行動 (2016) – China / Hong Kong

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Reviewed by: Andrew Chan

Veteran filmmaker Dante Lam certain understands how to stage an epic action event, whether it be an explosion, brutal knife throat cutting or point blank shot them all out style. Operation Mekong works as an over the top action affair set in the messy Mekong river and drug trafficking premises. However, it lacks character involvements, distant feelings and ultimately the feel of a propaganda style film. Putting all the China is great and heroic aside, the film lacks genuine emotions and the result is an epic film that goes on bombing and shooting everything in sight. Eddie Peng is always likeable, but his character here remains very much distant and when the dog provides the best emotive connection, you know that the film is going the wrong route. Still, this is an action packed blockbuster that is done on a pretty grand scale and the action staging should be complimented.


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