See You Tomorrow 擺渡人 (2016) – Hong Kong / China

[] See You Tomorrow (2016) – Hong Kong / China

Wong Kar Wai scripted and produced this latest romantic and neon lid extravagant. While the film contains all WKW hallmarks, soundtrack, cinematography and even casting, director Zhang Jiajia focuses more on the comedic aspect of unrequited love and how everyone tends to deal with it. Tony Leung Chiu Wai once again headlines as the key personnel and his own story is mostly underplayed despite being far more interesting and intriguing of the love stories. Eason Chan produces the most inspiring acting display of his career as an down and out singer who is being dumped by his long time girlfriend. Lynn Hung overacts terribly after shinning in Ip Man 3. The much missed Takeshi Kaneshiro fits just right into where he used to film in the 90s as the love torn hero. 

All in all, this is a light hearted yet beautifully and full blown WKW handprints all over it. The 90s classic soundtrack works to its retro flavour and some of the over the top replicate of WKW signature dialogue is always welcome. While not entirely successfully in its execution and a largely uneven experience. It’s always wonderful to watch something from WKW famed factory, even if it’s a replica of past works. 


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