Line Walker 使徒行者 (2016) – Hong Kong / China


Line Walker 使徒行者 (2016) – Hong Kong / China

Line Walker fails to live up the same expectations that made the TVB series a popular one. Despite adding in the star power trio of Nick Cheung, Louis Koo &a Francis Ng, the film is far too incoherent, filled with gaps and plot holes and is consistently far too ridiculous to be anything believable. Charmaine Sheh is wasted in a nothing more than looking concerned & always on the run role, whereas Francis Ng is reduced to a cop hiding behind the safety of a police station. While Louis Koo cheerfully walks his way into the movie with his usual cheekiness and Nick Cheung fails to show why he is the reigning Best Actor. 

All in all, Line Walker contains some good action sequences by the famed Chin Kar Lok and the Brazilian location shot provides the film with most of its best and intense moments. Still, these are all far and in between and the result is probably not up to par nor is it per our expectations.

I rated it 2.5/5

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