Soul Mate 七月与安生 (2016) – China / Hong Kong


Soul Mate (2016) – China / Hong Kong

Director Derek Tsang have finally come of age after years of dabbling in various form of cinema with one of most emotionally resonating film of the year. Heartfelt and raw performances from the two leads, Zhou Dongyu & Sandra Ma drives the film beyond any genre conventions. Such is the powerful of the duo chemistry that transcends genuine emotions in every interactions. The film is beautifully shot with wonderful backdrop and scenery combines particularly well with the resonating soundtrack. The film is perfectly paced throughout in depicting the notion of love, friendship, growth, maturity and the true meaning of living. The depth that the Tsang dwells into will not be simply to swallow, but a finale that is both satisfying and bittersweet. Also produced by Peter Chan. This is a film to watch in 2016!

I rate it 5/5

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