Your Name 君の名は (2016) – Japan


Your Name (2016) – Japan

This is the film that Makoto Shinkai finally manages to blend all his elements of his precious works into one holistic and beautiful love affair. Regrets, emotions, lost memories, space, moon and stars were recurring themes of Shinkai past works. Your Name is once again beautifully drawn in probably the most realistic manner where the blue sky contains depth, the hustle and bustle of Tokyo is largely drawn to our eyes and the lovely little town is right in our memories. Anime like this comes only once in a long while and the manner that the emotions are slowly panned and instilled upon the audience makes it a more than worthwhile experience. Shinkai likes to play with the notion of time and space and here he takes it one step further in body switching through time. You either have to believe in his rules of the game or you will not get it at all. Such is the beauty that is being presented in front of you that at times it feels like a live action film. That’s a massive compliment and achievement and as the finale comes along, we are already interconnected into the longing feelings of the two leads. This is one powerful film. 


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