Journey to the West: The Demons Fight Back 西遊伏妖篇 (2017) – China / Hong Kong

[] Journey to the West: The Demons Fight Back 西遊伏妖篇 (2017) – China / Hong Kong
Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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The eagerly anticipated sequel to the well made and crowd pleasing Journey to the West is largely disappointing. Considering it comes from the eccentric and wildly creative comic minds of director Tsui Hark and writer/ producer Stephen Chow, it contains none of their persona trademarks and instead the film is overwhelmed by terrible Korean CGI effects that seems to be the work of a high school factory. Not to mention, some of the inconsistent and over the top dialogue that seems more out of place than ever. Adding to the insult the film shares no resemblance to its pleasing prequel and yet it contains the guts to allude to the best aspect of the previous film. In turning cheating the audience into an inferno of mess and ruins that is more cartoony than filmmaking. None of the leads are charismatic enough or provide adequate comic relief. The best segment comes in the form of Mermaid’s lead Jelly Lin who once again lit up the screen with the only human resemblance of a performance. All in all, both Chow and Tsui being master of their own art fail miserably in recreating the over crowded Monkey King genre and adds nothing, but shame to their legacy and filmography. Chinese New Year comedies used to be fun and this is definitely not.



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