The Corruptor (1999) – USA

[] The Corruptor (1999) – USA

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I am not entirely sure if there is anyone cooler than Chow Yun Fat when it comes down to holding a gun or two. The Corruptor marks a fail attempt for Hollywood to embrace Chow. Pairing with relatively green Mark Wahlberg, Chow manages to excel great presence and on screen charisma that he have shown for many years in the Hong Kong silver screens. His strength lies in acting prowess and some scenes are particularly well acted in particular with Ric Young. The films goes a lot deeper into the inner streets of NYC Chinatown and the inner turmoil faced with drawing a line between black, white and grey. These are deeper philosophical issues, the film tries to explore, but ends up with a speedy resolution that did not entirely deal with the build up. Director James Foley lacks precision in the overall tension build up and relies more on the character study and actors to bring the film forward. Still, this is a highly underrated film that deserves a bit recognition on the subject matter on hand.

I rated it 3/5

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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