Vice (2015) – USA

[] Vice (2015) – USA

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It is obvious from the cover of the Blu Ray that Bruce Willis is simply collecting a pay check and will be sleepwalking through his role. Not only does he stays indoor for the limited screen time, but as a key villain did not even manage to put up a fight against fellow action star Thomas Jane. That’s disappointing to say the least, but it is also expected to a degree. Ambyr Childers stars as the artificial intelligence with a human body and mind and manages to impresses with her paper thin role. The film’s premise have a lot of potential, but everything it tends to deal with a deeper moral concern, it stops and redials back to cliches and explosions. It’s a shame as more within the AI world created should be explored as well as the moral implications. Borrowing heavily from classics of the AI genre, including Bladerunner, this films pass of better as a mindless action flick than anything to do with science fiction. Watch out for Bryan Greenberg in a heroic role and probably someone that resembles as human. All in all, this is a largely forgettable affair where the explosions are louder than its substance.

I rated it 2/5

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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