Wonder Woman (2017) – USA

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The latest from the DC universe comic book reboot Wonder Woman is a stroke of genius that exceed most expectations and a bit more. Entertaining and thoroughly engaging are simply understatements as the film explores deeper themes, alludes to Greek mythology, the gods, female condition and the questioning of the very essence of humanity at its core. Wonder Woman impresses through its casting of its lead in Gal Gadot who simply graces the silver screen with a breathe of fresh air. To play the aforementioned character requires an air of an Greek goddess, yet human enough to be endearing and physically capable. She manages excel on all levels to be the superhero we are all expecting to witness. Chris Pine pales in comparison, despite sharing significant screen time, but manages to compliment Gadot’s glittering presence. There are many situations in the film that causes a moment for thoughts and with the world entering a stage of chaotic crescendos, it brings us to a moment of reconciliation. This is a highly enjoyable superhero flick that blends in great characters, relevant historical setting and the process of the human condition. If there is one superhero film you need to get out of the way, take this one anyway. Two thumbs up!

I rated it 5/5

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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