Sky on Fire 冲天火 (2016) – Hong Kong

[] Sky on Fire 冲天火 (2016) – Hong Kong

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Hong Kong veteran director Ringo Lam used to make gritty and brutal films that hits you right in the guts and point blank range. However in Sky on Fire, the story is filled with incoherent plot holes, unattractive premises and action more reliant on CGI than anything else. It lacks the intensity of his former films and the science fiction element does not help the cause either. Daniel Wu remains rather wooden, despite fresh off the successful US TV series Into the Badlands. Joseph Chang shamefully overacts and simply overreacts at all time, making his over protection of his sister (played by Amber Kuo) rather cheesy and annoying. Zhang Jingchu usually shines in these kind of roles, is almost unrecognisable with the manner how she dies remain the film greatest moment. All in all, this is a terrible example of how a big action blockbuster goes wrong and Ringo Lam would be disappointed himself.

I rated it 2/5

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