Love Stalk 愛打卡 (2016) – Hong Kong

[] Love Stalk 愛打卡 (2016) – Hong Kong

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This is a rare crowd funding success story where the film was mostly funded via crowd funding platforms and dedications of its cast and crew. Director Joe Fiorello created a new looking glossy film against the odds of a limited budget and that’s alone admirable in itself. Starring Angie Palmer (also producer) as the Singaporean young executive expiating in the hustle and bustle city of Hong Kong, she manages to show enough raw shyness alongside Ronan Pak. Pak is mostly stiff and stoic, but the mysterious factor works for him. Dada Lo flairs well as the most natural sidekick as she prefer one night stands as opposed to relationships. Joe Fiorello appears in a scene stealing extended cameo as the ultra demanding client. Culturally relevant and the film tries to display a hint of message about modern romance and pitfalls of online dating obsession. Loneliness in a busy city is also portrayed, but the film never attempts to go deeper into most issues, given its 70 minutes running time and speedy ending. Still, it’s a good enough effort from all involved, making films with limited funding is not easy and it should be encouraged.
I rated it 3/5

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

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