The Girl on the Train (2016) – Hollywood

[] The Girl on the Train (2016) – Hollywood 

Reviewed by Andrew Chan

The Girl on the Train is not really a thriller, but rather a mystery drama about piecing that blackout moment together after a traumatic experience. First off, this film is no Gone Girl, it lacks any of those subtle messages and ingredients to make it sophisticated. Instead, we get a very simple story that is disguised as seemingly complicated and overtly puzzling and even confusing the audience at times. The result is something that most popcorn viewers will enjoy and probably be affected by the entertaining finale. However for everyone else, it simply does not have the cut. Luckily the film is hold together by some intense and deep acting from Emily Blunt who is an alcoholic wanderer unable to move on from her past. Haley Bennett shows some raw and sexual display that makes us other distant and realistic about her. While, Rebecca Ferguson seems more stereotype along with the overtly aggressive Luke Evans. The film lacks a key and menacing villain and in the asshole role played by Justin Theroux, it is largely empty and forgettable. It’s really unfortunate as there is so much promise in the story, but as a film, it is barely average and forgettable.


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