Arrival (2016) – Hollywood

[] Arrival (2016) – Hollywood

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Insightful, deep, philosophical and emotional resonating are words to describe most probably the best film of 2016. The Oscar race have been given new life with this incredible science fiction film that talks about the deeper notion of time, non linear ways of thinking and how the journey will always be more important than the destination. It also despite how fragile our society and world is built where in the event of an actual alien stopover, fear will overcome our judgement, chaos will reign over the world and the laws will be broken by most. Perhaps the best way to write about this film is simply to describe the feelings that is so powerfully depicted. Amy Adams shines in every single frame of the film as she bares her inner soul for us all to see in the manner that she attempts to communicate with the Aliens through their very on linear form of language. We learn that the perception of time is not as important as how we see it, be it the past, present and future. It’s really all the same, after all, we all will meet an eventually outcome in life and it’s something we already inherently knows about. So what’s exactly stopping us from making our own choice, decisions and live the manner we want to live. Director Denis Villeneuve constructed a film that alludes to many major themes and never shy away from the bigger question, whilst at the same time, like all those great movies before, it requires our mind and inner soul to engage and feel and think for ourselves. This is a sensational piece of cinema that will lingers and stay with you for some time. 


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