Allied (2016) – Hollywood

[] Allied (2016) – Hollywood 

Allied is one of those old school style filmmaking experience that one enjoys and embrace both the simplicity and a reflection of its time. Pairing the handsome Brad Pitt and the insanely beautiful and gorgeous Marion Cotillard is simply a match made in heaven. The two oozes with radiating presence and elevates the simple spy love story into something deeply involving and romantic. The early action scenes is both direct and clear and the sex scene in the car during a sandstorm is memorably depicted and inspired. Director Robert Zemeckis expertly handled the camera with plenty of close up emotional shots and the action scenes are suitably intense and makes us feel as part of the action. Not to mention the beautiful vintage style 1940s war torn era is amazingly reimagined. The finale is both fittingly emotional and involving throughout. This is a beautiful movie experience to rejoice. 


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