Downriver (2015) – Australia

[] Downriver (2015) – Australia

As part of the viewage for Film Critics Circle of Australia awards, we visited the redemption tale of Downriver. The story is a simple one about a child murderer out on parole who seek redemption about the missing body and how the events happened. Director Grant Sciciluna shows a lot of potential and uses creative ways to present the simple tale. Lead Reef Ireland manages to portray that mysteriousness and whilst never overacts. Tortured soul and troubled childhood combines well in this lost city within the outback of Australia, where everyone seems to be in the midst of trouble. Thomas Green shows glimpses of potential as the main villain and manages to hold his own with menacing effect. There is a lot of potential in this film, but somehow not entirely fulfilled or satisfying. The finale redeems it somewhat, but it’s a little too late.


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