Paycheck (2003) – USA

[] Paycheck (2003) – USA

John Woo’s venture in Hollywood came to an sudden end with Paycheck. It’s a shame as Woo did not make another film until half a decade later in the Chinese historical epic in Red Cliff. However, Paycheck isn’t really that bad as it is engaging from start to finish, despite the story never being the prime focus as the routine action scenes overshadow the proceedings. Ben Affleck enduring his Jlo days is absolutely stoic and despite given a juicy role that crosses Minority Report and Bourne Identity, Affleck is never a real draw. Likewise Uma Thurman is wasted in a flower vase role that sums up her relationship with Affleck. Aaron Eckhart tries hard to be recognisable, but lacks intensity in a 2D role, while Paul Giamatti is pretty forgettable overall. The real problem lies in the script as it takes a deep issue and turn it into a routine action blockbuster. By the time, you see a dove flying across the room or the bird cage as a symbolic moment, it seems as though John Woo needs to remind us that this is a film directed by him. The result is an entertaining affair, but largely forgettable and nothing special.
I rated it 2.5/5

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